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In the mid 1980’s we, David Smyth and Judy Cid, met as art students in SUNY New Paltz. Our collaborative pottery journey began after graduating and in 1985 we got married, eventually moving into an old farmhouse in Schoharie County NY, turning the old barn into our studio.


We have been full-time potters ever since, raising two boys, three Golden Retrievers, one Aussie mix and so many squatter barn cats it’s impossible to keep track. From those early days of David’s pit-fired vessels and Judy’s Majolica pottery the work of Smyth/Cid has evolved. From Raku to crystalline glazes, vessel sinks to mugs and teapots, and now today’s various water and fermentation crocks, our pottery journey still continues.


We love our potters’ life and are grateful to everyone who has purchased and enjoyed our pots over these years. Your support of our family business is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

David and Judy

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