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Water Crock Questions

What is the flow rate of your water crock filters?

When you place water in the upper reservoir, gravity pulls water through the filter element in the main chamber. The more water in the upper reservoir, the faster the flow rate. As the water reaches towards the bottom of the upper reservoir, the water will slow down and eventually stop filtering at about an inch from the bottom. As a rule of thumb, fill the upper chamber to the top before going to bed, first thing in the morning, and in the afternoon, if you have a higher water use. That should suffice for regular family use. Please note that our filters are slower than a Brita type filter because our filters reduce a lot more contaminates, like bacteria, lead, VOC's, pharmaceuticals, etc...

My water crock isn't filtering any water!

If you have a brand new water filter, it has to prime overnight by tilting upside down in a glass of water to fully soak and prevent air lock. Then install the filter, fill the upper reservoir, and let filter. The first batch of filtered water should be discarded if it is a new filter. Please note, that the first one or two filtration batches will take longer than normal as the filter continues to prime. If you have been using your filter a while and it starts to slow down, your filter may need a cleaning. Remove filter and carefully but firmly scrub with a scotch brite or similar scrubbing pad. Rinse with water. Do not use soap.

My water crock isn't filtering any water!

According to the manufacturer, filters last 1 year. However, if your water has a high level of particulates or contaminates, consider replacing every 6 months.

Do your water crocks chill water?

Our stoneware water crocks have natural insulation qualities that help maintain water temperature. However, the crock itself does not chill water. If you like cold water, we recommend dispensing the filtered water from your crock into a water pitcher and putting that in the refrigerator.

Why does my crock have a dark spot on the inside?

Generally, our water crock have a light color on the inside. However, you may notice a darker colored drip mark from the glazing on the inside. This is because all our pieces are hand glazed, and drips of outer glazing may reach the inner chamber. This is safe and does not affect the operation of your water crock.

Why is the top part of the inner chamber not as glossy as the bottom?

You may notice that the upper few inches of the inner chamber is not as glossy as the bottom portion. This is because our water crocks are fired as one piece, and we do not glaze the uppermost portion of the inner chamber to prevent fusing the two pieces. This does not affect the safety or durability of the crock. In any case, the upper few inches of the main reservoir does not come in contact with water, and even if it did, this would not be a problem.

Is the inner glaze safe? Will it leach into my water?

The clear inner glaze is a custom food safe blend, sourced from US ingredients. It is non-reactive and won't leach into the water.

The clear inner glaze is a custom food safe blend, sourced from US ingredients. It is non-reactive and won't leach into the water.

Shipping, Orders, and Policies

What are the delivery charges for orders from

We ship our orders via FedEx Ground. Shipping costs vary depending on weight and destination. We ship from Middleburgh New York. You may calculate shipping at any point from your shopping cart, no need to place an order. The shipping quote comes directly from FedEx. Alternatively, if you are near Middleburgh, NY, you may opt to pick up your order at Smyth/Cid Pottery Studio. In which case, there are no shipping charges. If you have concerns about the shipping quote you are receiving, please contact us with your shipping address, the shipping quote your are receiving, and the item you want to order. We will check up on it, and even provide alternative shipping options if required. We find this sometimes necessary, especially when shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or places where FedEx might not have a strong presence.

Why not offer free shipping like Amazon?!?

We'd like to take a second to say something a little controversial. It's like the old saying, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Except the modern version is "There's no such thing as free shipping." Free shipping is a marketing strategy. The truth is that businesses aren't paying out of pocket for shipping charges out of the kindness of their hearts. They are actually incorporating their shipping costs into the product price. So everyone pays a uniform shipping cost, whether they are ordering next door to the seller, or if they are in northern Alaska. They hide it in the product price. We choose a different approach, instead of charging everyone the same shipping price and calling it "free shipping" because we hide it in the product price, we charge people what it actually costs to ship it to them. And if you are local to us, you can drive up and pick it up yourself for free. An additional consideration, Amazon is a huge company with multiple distribution centers and special contracts with shipping providers. In contrast, we are a small pottery studio. We don't sell a hundred thousand units from a factory in China, and keep fifty thousand units here and there across the country. We make each item by hand. And we package them ourselves, and we drive to the local FedEx in Middleburgh, NY, and sometimes even pick up a coffee along the way.

Which payment methods are accepted on

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

What is your return policy?

Upon receiving your water filtration crock, please inspect immediately. If your product is damaged during shipping, we will send you a replacement free of charge, provided you follow the return instructions included with your order. Otherwise, we do not offer product returns on water filtration crocks. There are a few important reasons why we feel this wouldn't be a good deal for the customer: ​ 1. We would need to charge shipping fees, which is standard industry practice. Because our water crocks are heavy, the shipping fees both ways would be a significant expense to the customer. 2. Our water crocks need to be packed very carefully to prevent damage. Improper repackaging would lead to a broken returned crock. Because of this we would need to charge a restocking fee for everyone to offset the costs of all the broken crocks we would receive. 3. We would need to charge for the filter because once it's used we can't resell it. 4. We would have to resell the crock once we got it back, and no one wants to use a crock that's been in someone else's home. When you buy a crock from us, it's made just for you. ​ In short, we feel a return policy would be deceptive, because the product return fee would be hundreds of dollars. If you have any questions or concerns prior to your order, we are happy to address them. We can provide photos, videos, whatever you need to feel comfortable with your order.​

How long until I get my order?

When adding an item to your shopping cart, you will notice an updated shipping estimate at the top of the page in business days. Please note that the shipping estimate is indeed an estimate, and can fluctuate based on order volume at the time. We will update you when your order ships. For an updated shipping estimate, please contact us.

How secure is shopping on Is my data protected?

For security purposes, we do not store your credit card information on our servers. All credit card information is handled through PayPal or Stripe; both trusted providers in the industry. All other information on our website is protected via Security Socket Layer (SSL).

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You will receive an invoice via email after placing your order. You will receive an additional status update when your order ships.

Why does my crock not have the same patterns as in the photo?

All of our glazes are hand applied to each crock, so variations will happen

Open A Support Request

Please email us at This is the best way to contact us. Please include order ID for order inquiries. If you do not hear from us within 1-2 business days, please call or text the phone number below.

Support Phone

Do you prefer phone? Please leave a message on our customer service line and someone will get back to you shortly. (518) 827-8073‬

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