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  • David Smyth

Updated Ceramic Filters: Reduction of Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride, + More

Updated: Nov 18, 2022 is happy to team up with AquaCera to feature a ceramic filter that removes contaminates that municipal water facilities miss, resulting in a reduction of chemicals, drugs, and other undesirable impurities.

The CeraMetix® Ceramic Filter Candle is the powerhouse behind Smyth/Cid water filtration crocks. Using AquaMetix® technology, to effectively filter bad taste, odors, and any number of nasty things floating around in your tap water: bacteria, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chloramines, chlorine, cysts, fluoride, lead, mercury, nickel, radionuclides, silver, tri-halomethane, VOC’s, zinc, and pharmaceuticals. All in a single, revolutionary ceramic filter element!* Made in the USA.

It is important to note that with any carbon filtration system, contaminate reduction will slowly diminish over time, which is why it is recommended to change your filter on a regular basis.

Filter specifications provided by AquaCera. Learn More

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