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What is your water filter flow rate?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A common question our customers ask is about our water filter crock flow rate.

Basically, the water crock works like this: When you place water in the upper reservoir, gravity pulls water through the filter element in the main chamber. The more water in the upper reservoir, the faster the flow rate.

As the water reaches towards the bottom of the upper reservoir, the water will slow down and eventually stop filtering at about an inch from the bottom. However, you don’t have to wait for the upper chamber to empty out all the way to refill it. In fact, we recommend just filling it whenever is convenient. The more water you have in the top part, the faster it filters.

As a rule of thumb, fill the upper chamber to the top before going to bed, first thing in the morning, and if you have a higher water use, fill once or twice in the afternoon. That should suffice for regular family use.

If you’re concerned about flow rate, we recommend using both filters included with your water crock order. The second optional filter will double your flow rate.

The great thing about our water crocks is that you can fill the upper chamber as much as you like, and it will not overflow. So don’t be afraid to fill.

Please note: our filters are slower than a Brita type filter because our filters reduce a lot more contaminates, like bacteria, lead, VOC’s, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, fluoride etc… (see filter specs). Brita filters work faster because they let a lot of contaminates through.

My water isn’t filtering at all, or has slowed down significantly!

If you have a brand new water filter, it has to prime for a few hours before it actually starts filtering water. It’s not uncommon for there to be no apparent water filtration for the first few hours. If you are still having an issue with your filter, it may be air locked. Try removing the filter, tipping it upside down, and soaking it in a glass of water for a few hours, this will help with any air lock issues. Then reinstall the filter, fill the upper reservoir, and let filter overnight.

If you have been using your filter a while and it starts to slow down, your filter may need a cleaning. Remove filter and scrub gently with a scotch brite or similar scrubbing pad. Rinse with water. Do not use soap. Be careful when handling your filter, as the ceramic element is fragile.

Please note that with any filtration system, the filter elements slowly lose effectiveness over time. It is important to change your filters regularly.

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